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Client Comments

What some of our long-time regular
clients have to say about PTM:

"I have been a loyal customer at PTM since 1995. Carol Wierzbinski runs a top-notch facility and is a total professional. It is great to experience such high quality at such affordable prices. I know that every massage will relieve any stress points in my body, and that if I have more serious problems, Carol and her staff have the skills to attend to those. My wife and I both realize that a truly therapeutic massage is an important part of our overall health plan, and we now always schedule our next appointments as soon as we complete a session. What a great way to stay healthy!"
Ron H., Regular Client since 1995

"Anyone who has experienced a full-body professional massage knows that totally relaxed feeling that puts everything at ease. An occasional massage is certainly a worthwhile indulgence, releasing the tensions of the day. However, regular massage therapy can bring about unforeseen benefits and relief from chronic somatic complaints by releasing stored tension from the body.

"Most people internalize stress in one manner or another. The energy developed from these stresses is usually focused in specific body areas. Muscles in the jaw, neck, lower back, and abdomen are common focal spots. However, any body part can become the target. Left unexpressed, excess energy can have a negative impact over time on the target, resulting in chronic injury, pain, and suffering. TMJ, tension headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, and low back pain are only a few of many chronic maladies aggravated by internalization. I'm a doctor and I see these problems on a daily basis.

"I've also experienced muscle tension headaches since childhood. Soon after starting regular massage therapy, my headaches disappeared. If only life's other problems were so readily dispelled! I frequently recommend massage therapy for my patients who have somatic and internalized complaints. Professional massage therapy on a regular basis (every 1-4 weeks) can discharge abnormal energy levels regardless of where they are stored. Once released of abnormal strain, the body knows how to heal itself. The hands-on ministration of a licensed professional massage therapist is one of the more effective and risk free interventions I can prescribe."
John D. MD, Regular Client since 2002

"It's been over 6 years since I've been coming to PTM for my monthly massages. I first started getting massages to fix a neck problem, and it helped. But I soon realized how good they were also for the muscles I worked at the gym with my weight lifting routine. By having a massage, muscles that I didn't even know were tight would relax and, as a result, I was more relaxed. Sometimes I feel as if I'm almost melting into the table because I become so mellow.

"It takes a giving person to work as hard as the therapists do in massaging tight, twisted muscles and pass on positive energy through their hands. Each of the therapists in your office has a unique style, and I enjoy alternating between therapists to have a slightly different experience each time. I'm grateful that all of you are following such a career path. It's truly a profession that benefits mankind."
Cara S., Regular Client since 2001

<"My wife first came to PTM in 1996 after receiving a gift certificate. She has continued to see Carol every 2 weeks as part of a holistic approach to her physical well-being. This includes helping to deal with hypertension, stress from work, and occasional physical discomforts and muscle strain. I have worked with Carol for the past 5 years, receiving primarily Craniosacral Therapy and Energy Balancing. I had suffered from Migraine headaches all of my life and had involved a wide variety of treatments, none of which had made any permanent improvement. From the very first Craniosacral session with Carol, my incidence and severity of headaches improved overwhelmingly. After several years of seeing Carol headaches are a very minor part of my life. Carol not only has strong, skilled hands and an innate knowledge of what is best to do, she has an inner spirit that enables her to relate to your pain and discomfort. She can focus her energy so as to heal and comfort you in ways that are remarkable. Carol helps to make us better people. We share her with our children and our friends and, here, with you, because we know her as a force for healing and positive growth."
Bill and Marilyn, Regular Clients since 1996 and 1999

"I have been a client at PTM for over 15 years. I receive a ½ hour massage every 6-8 weeks, with a 1 hour massage at my birthday and Mother's Day. This is a little indulgence I do for myself to help with the stress or being a mother of 5 who also works part-time. From working at a desk and lifting children, I tend to have knots and soreness in my shoulders and lower back. The massage melts away all soreness and stress. I so look forward to my massage time. It is the most relaxed I have ever been. Carol is wonderful. The table warmer and soothing music add to the relaxing atmosphere. I have recommended this to many people and will continue to do so. Everyone should pamper themselves with a massage."
Jeanne K., Regular Client since 1998

"I have been having various sessions of massage therapy modalities and energy work at PTM for more than 12 years. Carol and her associates are the best! I know that my body and spirit would not be as healthy today without their regular attentiveness to my 'aches and pains' as I grow older.

"I have watched PTM grow and thrive over the years, as others have discovered the caring attitude towards their clients. I feel the growing awareness about what PTM stands for in the often confusing maze of healing traditions cannot help but add more desire by the educated public for more of these types of gentle therapies for mind and body. I know it has for me."
L.T., Regular Client since 1994

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