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Intake Form

For your convenience we have provided an intake form you can fill out at home at your leisure before coming to your first appointment at PTM.

You may download the form from here to your computer as a PDF file. You must have Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your computer (most people do) to save, read and print the form.

DOWNLOAD Intake Form

Download notes:
The intake form will usually open online in Acrobat Reader, when your browser settings allow this. You can print the document from within your browser, or save the file to disk and print later offline.

Certain computer and browser settings can prevent your opening it while online. If this is the case, please download the file to your computer first and then open it for viewing.

To download the file without viewing it first, right click the link, and choose from the popup menu, either 'Save as...'(Internet Explorer, Edge) or 'Save link as...' (Chrome, Safari, Firefox). In the resulting dialog box, choose a folder on your computer for the downloaded file. Then select 'Save'. Double click on the downloaded file to open and view it in Acrobat Reader. The intake form PDF should print well with most current printers.